Our mission

To help maintain the quality of life of persons with terminal illnesses such as cancer, for care givers and those who are grieving, by providing support, accompaniment and respite services at home.


Palliacco has had to cancel several activities due to COVID-19.  Please see information below.

Here is how Palliacco is Helping People Affected by Cancer During the COVID-19 Crisis.

If you or someone close to you has cancer, we know it’s particularly difficult for you right now. People with cancer are at a higher risk during the COVID-19 epidemic. It is therefore essential that we do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the pressure on our health care system.
We have had to put in place measures to comply with the government directives:
• All volunteers aged 70 and older may no longer do volunteer work for us, unless it can be done from their homes;
• Any volunteer or employee who shows signs of infection must not go to clients’ homes, or to our premises. Please contact 1-877-644-4545;
• Any volunteer or employee returning from outside Quebec must stay at home for 14 days following their return.

Palliacco maintains the following services:

  • Telephone line from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m .;
  • Home support, for the end of life;
  • Telephone support and accompaniment for our clients.

Palliacco is suspending the following services:
• Home care support, except for those people at the end of life;
• Massage therapy at home;
• Individual follow-ups;
• All activity groups;
• Our presence at the oncology clinic. We have agreed to support the CISSS des Laurentides by providing volunteers or workers to ensure people wash their hands;
• All basic, end-of-life and ongoing training;
• The volunteer recognition meeting scheduled for April 23;
• Dr. Brian Goldman’s Palliacco lecture scheduled for April 26 in Saint-Sauveur;
• The Rockettes pancake lunch scheduled for May 3.

There will be somebody in the office as usual. Palliacco’s managers and service coordinators are available to telecommute, but they will limit home visits. No direct intervention with customers, except at the end of life. We ask people aged 70 and over not to come to our office.

We are aware that clients must not feel isolated and that they must be reassured. We will be in regular contact with them by telephone, calling to reassure them and maintain contact. It’s about active listening and reducing fears by providing up-to-date information on the situation. Our volunteers can contact the caregivers who will coordinate phone calls or other actions they can do to help. Any gesture of mutual aid and solidarity by all are strongly encouraged, in an effort to support the most isolated people.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will be on the lookout for new developments and will adjust accordingly. Palliacco will ensure compliance with all recommendations made by the various levels of government.

Useful information:

MRC des Laurentides

MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut


Services provided free of charge in french and english for residents 
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southern of Antoine-Labelle 

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CANCELLATION CONFERENCE | Sunday, April 26 at 2 PM, Saint-Sauveur Church

The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life, Healthcare and Palliative Care at Home

Speaker : Dr Brian Goldman, Canadian ER, author, speaker and radio personality.