You too can contribute to the quality of life of those in need in our community.

Volunteers freely offer their time, energy, skills and expertise without any expectation of financial compensation. Volunteers contribute directly to the quality of life of our clients as well as to the quality of the services we offer. Our volunteers have big hearts!

Join our large family. PALLIACCO is always in need of volunteers to fill various roles:

  • To accompany a patient or caregiver
  • To help with office administration
  • To participate in fundraising activities
  • To help maintain our offices or grounds

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Become an Accompaniment Volunteer

New accompaniment volunteers must follow the basic PALLICCO training session of 21 hours as well as participate in monthly continuing education sessions (except during summer months).

Our basic training covers the following themes:

  • Palliative care philosophy
  • The mission, vision, values and services of Palliacco
  • Psychosocial aspects of the patient and family
  • Role of the accompaniment volunteer
  • Communicating with the patient and family
  • Physical aspects of cancer and certain other illnesses
  • Comfort measures
  • Ethics and Confidentiality
  • The grieving process
  • Death and dying

The accompaniment volunteer must be compassionate, possess a keen sense of observation, have a desire for personal growth and development, be concerned for the physical and emotional comfort of others, appreciate and respect moments of silence and be able to manage their emotions in a healthy manner.

Dates for future training classes