Children, teenagers and their families

Services for children, teenagers and their families

Palliacco provides services to children and teenagers with cancer, in palliative care or at the end of life and supports their families during this difficult period. The organization also offers services to young people who are grieving or will suffer the loss of a loved one in the near future.

Children and teenagers who have experienced or who may be anticipating the loss of a loved one

Our volunteers are specifically trained to provide quality in-home support to parents of children with cancer in palliative care.

Individual support

Our invidual support service aims to assist youth during the difficult process of losing a loved one. The support provided to the child or teenager may be spread over 6 or 7 meetings.

Support group

This service provides bereavement support in a small group of 4 to 6 children, where they can help one another and overcome isolation while sharing experiences to normalize their situations and thus feel more peace.

Parents and relatives

The parents and relatives of a grieving child or teenager can also receive individual support to better equip and assist the youth during this difficult period. Two toolboxes are provided, including tips, suggested readings, what to say and what to do, etc.


Children and adolescents with cancer, in palliative care,
or at the end of life

Home support service

Our trained accompaniment volunteers provide quality in-home support to children with cancer at the palliative stage, allowing the parents to take time for themselves and enjoy peace of mind. With this in-home support service, children can play and have someone other than a family member to listen to their concerns.


Services for youth are offered thanks to our generous donors as well as Choquette Legault Foundation, Rona Forget, Tremblant Foundation and Gaulin Foundation.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




« Each person should have the choice to be at home, close to loved one at the end of their life. »
Ian Perowne
End of life volunteer
« Palliacco… My safe space where I was able to cry and finally be understood. »
A very grateful mom
Bereavement services for children, adolescents and their families