Grieving people

Bereavement services

The loss of a loved one is a very painful experience at any age. Over the past 15 years, Palliacco has developed a very specific expertise by providing support to grieving people, regardless of the type of bereavement they are experiencing. 

Individual support

We provide support, companionship and a sympathetic ear to the bereaved during difficult times. We help them express their emotions and share their experiences in a confidential and respectful atmosphere. Individual meetings take place at our 3 points of service.


Support groups & activities

Bereavement group

The bereavement group integrates an 11-session process to help the bereaved get through and better understand the various stages of grief. The sessions take place every week with the same group to create an intimate and supportive dynamic. Hearing the experiences of people who have also suffered a loss will help normalize your situation and bring you more peace.

Grief, let's talk about it!

Any person who has lost someone, recently or not, feels the need to express their feelings. During an informal meeting, participants are invited to share their preoccupations, what makes them sad or what makes them feel better.

Regenerating yoga

Regenerating yoga can be practiced on a mat or in a chair and consists of gentle movements to calm your mind and regain a sense of vitality and balance.

Relaxation group

Enjoy a moment of sharing and relaxation through exercises that bring calm and tranquillity.

Massage therapy

Our trained massage therapists will help you relieve tension in the comfort of your home. You can also get a massage at one of our 3 points of services.
*Up to 2 free treatments per year, per person, according to the established criteria.

Individual relaxation and
stress reduction sessions

Our individual sessions are tailored to your needs and will help relieve tension and foster well-being.


« Each person should have the choice to be at home, close to loved one at the end of their life. »
Ian Perowne
End of life volunteer
« Palliacco… My safe space where I was able to cry and finally be understood. »
A very grateful mom
Bereavement services for children, adolescents and their families