People with cancer

Services for people with cancer

Palliacco  provides many services free of charge to people with cancer, including in-home services, individual support and support groups.

In-home services

Our volunteers are trained in palliative care to accompany and listen to people with cancer in the comfort of their own homes, free of charge.

Individual support

We provide support, companionship and a sympathetic ear during periods that may be particularly difficult for you. We help people express their feelings and share their experiences in a respectful and confidential atmosphere. Individual meetings take place at our 3 points of service.

Support groups & activities

Individual relaxation and
stress reduction sessions

We offer individual meetings adapted to your needs to relieve tension and foster well-being.

Comforting tea group

The comforting tea group is a place to share experiences with other people going through similar situations in a calm, open, and warm atmosphere.

Regenerating yoga
(on a mat or in a chair)

These yoga sessions are designed to help you move gently and quiet your mind while regaining a sense of vitality and balance.


Relaxation group

Come enjoy moments of sharing and relaxation with exercises that will bring you calm and tranquillity.

Massage therapy

Our massage therapists specialize in oncology or lymphatic drainage and will relieve your tensions in the comfort of your home.*

*Up to free 2 treatments per year, per person, according to the established criteria.


« Each person should have the choice to be at home, close to loved one at the end of their life. »
Ian Perowne
End of life volunteer
« Palliacco… My safe space where I was able to cry and finally be understood. »
A very grateful mom
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