Get involved

Volunteers are the heart of Palliacco’s activities! There are various ways to contribute to our mission and help improve the quality of life of those in need:

  • Accompaniment/in-home support
  • Individual support
  • Group facilitation
  • Administrative tasks
  • Manual labour
  • Organize fundraisers for Palliacco
  • Get involved at the Trek Under the Stars event
  • Become an ambassador

Become an accompanying volunteer

Palliacco is a leader in training for palliative care accompaniment and caregiver support. By participating in our 24-hour training, you will live a very rewarding experience!

Our accompanying volunteers must be compassionate, possess great listening and observational skills, have the desire to grow and evolve as a person, care about other people’s physical and emotional well-being, appreciate and respect moments of silence and be able to manage their emotions healthily.

Next training

March-April 2024


Have fun while being useful!
There are many ways to contribute to Palliacco’s mission by volunteering. There will definitely be a task that you like! Please complete the form below and we will contact you.